Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dinah Shore Leave Me Alone!!!!!

Did you love the commentary to Miri? A Private Little War? From the long listed back catalog, thought dead or vanished somewhere, forgotten as a nameless number on a list which was afterwards mislaid...

The Phoenix Rises in the form of "Shore Leave". This little known first pilot was rejected by the podcast commentary network as "too cerebral", "too angsty", and the ever-damning "not enough about the Coriolis effect". With a substantial catalog on iTunes and Podcast Archive, the fans have scoured the torrent dregs for this murky gem.
Next up? Who the hell knows.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Al Gore baby!

Now available on ABDWatch TV, iTunes, etc.....a third season charmer: Let that Be Your Last Battlefield. The Riddler, a trip to the Bubba Belt of the Galaxy, Star-Bellied Sneetches, ships so cloaked they are sub-stealth.

"I can see Charon from my house!...." "Maybe if we touch we'll both turn pink!" "Does this trouser bulge make me look studly?"

NEXT: Just in time for Election 2008: a recrudescent Cold War tale. Village People, Militia, a rising black visionary slapping sense into the sensible, and a crusty white haired leader who asks for more weapons. Coming soon from Al Bill and David Watch TV: A Private Little War

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What the f*** is going on here?

And who the f*** are you? And where are the f***ing posts and 'casts?

Anger been a problem recently? Just the remedy from ABD Watch TV: Be like Nomad. Come back fucked up and fired up to destroy. Singing? Who wants singing when we can have empty circuits? Try opening up these hailing frequencies, asshole. Stay tuned or get ready to get cashiered by Nomad. Don't try any of that Jackson Roykirk shit on him this time.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Worst. Episode. Ever?......

Eymorg? Triacus? Or E freakin' PLEBNISTA!!!!

Now from ABD watch TV: The Omega Glory....

For that little last minute Valentine's Day gift...or perhaps a missed anniversary....just go to: . And please, save a little money for your medications.

Even the name hurts.

Please post your vote for W.E.E. if you think The Omega Glory ain't it.

"Get me out of this freakin' episode!!!....." "Get out of your own freakin' episode. I have to do this every f***ing week. Got any food around here?"

Next on ABD Watch TV: Citizen Kane. Best movie ever? We'll see about that.

Monday, September 10, 2007

...To bodily go where many men have gone before....

IT"S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

We, the people who are blacker than blue, dreamers of dreams, in order to form a more perfect union, have re-assembled the musicians to take another pass at the pinata that is..................... WINK OF AN EYE. Truly shag-a-licious!

Now available on iTunes and several soft-core sites such as No sign of an animal life anywhere. Coffee anyone?

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bringing it on back home...

Shaw? McBeal? Single Female Lawyer? Who would you call if you had just snuffed out your best friend in an act of Captain's chair pique? What is it with people named Finney/Finnegan? Who are the DeBolts and why do they have 17 children? Now up on Al, Bill & David Watch TV:
(yes you guessed it you)...

Clues for the next installment:

If you know, just keep it to yourself....the rest of the class already hates you. And that Valentine you got from Laura Shumacher? The only one you got? Everyone else in class got one too.

Monday, March 12, 2007

We are now orbiting the planet REBUS

...cashing in the Bill of Rights....

Can you guess which episode is up next on ABDWatch TV?

(hint for the faint of will: the episode title rhymes with "The Double with Dribbles"...)